Monday, February 7, 2011

Gypsyz by Gypsy 05

Step aside ugg boots, there’s a new sherrif in town… this right here is the footwear that every self-respecting (and I use the term lightly) Hollywood starlet will be snapped wearing in their downtime. You know, those moments when they try so hard to slip into Starbucks unnoticed wearing giant sunglasses, a full face of make up and an oversized sweater ‘accidentally’ slipping down to reveal a bare shoulder and hint of breast.

Part shoe, part sock, Gypsyz, as they are known, are inspired by those hand-knitted booties from South America - the name of which escapes me right now. I shuffled around in a pair during winters as a youngster and it’s high time they made a comeback.

Not only are Gypsyz a fresher, more stylish alternative to clunky uggs, they are knitted from organic cotton, have a biodegradable rubber sole and use eco dyes. For many of those starlets, wearing them will be the least selfish thing they have ever done.

I’m not being entirely fair. Young LA starlets are very giving… they support entire industries (weekly magazines, pharmaceutical companies, the Los Angeles penitentiary system) and they don’t always walk around excessively made up. I mean, Britney Spears never looks like she’s made any effort whatsoever. I take it all back.

Gypsyz come from the folks at Gypsy05, normally known for their organic maxi dresses. The company installed solar panels in their LA factory in 2010. They’ve attracted quite the celeb following for their summery frocks and now the stars have a little something to get them through the cooler months.

Gypsyz launched internationally this month and land on Australian shores from today, priced between $149-$169. Get yours now at